Childhood bilingualism has an enormous positive effect on a child’s development. Studies have shown that learning a second language improves brain function and stimulates creativity. When children learn a new language their brain develops new neuro-pathways that would otherwise lie dormant. Bilingual speakers demonstrate better executive control, which is the set of cognitive skills for such functions as inhibition, switching attention, working memory, multi-tasking, sustained attention and academic achievement.

When children learn another language they start to make connections they didn’t have before, as every language approaches the world in a slightly different way. As a result, they have the opportunity to understand the world from the perspective of another culture and gain a greater appreciation of human society in all its diversity.

Birch Tree offers two programs for families to choose from. The Russian bilingual program immerses children into both Russian and English with two teachers- one native Russian and one native English speaker, much like a bilingual household. This type of full immersion is the most effective way to learn a language and children show almost immediate results. If you are  not interested in the Russian program, we also offer English only instruction at our Lake Hills location.