Our STEM-based preschool program provides an engaging and nurturing environment where children’s natural curiosity drives their learning!  

The core of our curriculum is based around a weekly science theme that incorporates math, phonics, sensory exploration and open-ended building skills. Our math curriculum builds a strong foundation for future math concepts.  Through the use of hands-on teaching materials they learn to count, sort, classify and compare. As part of our pre-literacy curriculum, children engage in early-reading and phonics-based activities. They receive an introduction to letters and their corresponding sounds, letter building, tracing and writing, as well as fine motor skills on a daily basis. The preschool program also includes two weekly music lesson from a professional musician and a weekly gymnastics lesson. 

Preschoolers’ communication skills ignite at this age as they start to become capable of conquering their own social challenges.  Instead of turning to the teacher to solve the problem, we give children the skills and vocabulary to express themselves constructively. As children move out of toddlerhood it’s important for them to feel and act independently and we encourage them to complete activities such as eating, hand washing and dressing with as much autonomy as possible.

A positive preschool experience environment will set the stage for a lifetime of curiosity and cognitive development. We are proud to provide a program that nurtures discovery, out-of-the-box thinking and love for learning.