Our STEM-based pre-kindergarten program prepares students for kindergarten while providing an engaging and nurturing environment where children’s natural curiosity drives their learning!

Pre-K curriculum is based around a weekly science theme that incorporates math, phonics, sensory exploration and open-ended building skills.

Our math curriculum builds a strong foundation for future math concepts. Through the use of hands-on teaching materials children learn to count, sort, classify, and compare. They also work on basic addition and subtraction as well as patterns, shapes and measurements. Children are constantly exposed to open-ended building projects where they use creativity, spacial awareness, engineering and early geometry.

For early literacy curriculum, children engage in early-reading and phonics-based activities by working on letter recognition, writing, CVC words and reading comprehension on a daily basis. We use Handwriting Without Tears

Children often make big leaps in their communication and social skills during the pre-kindergarten year. They continue to work on waiting their turn, sharing and ‘using their words’ to communicate.  These skills prepare them for the big world of elementary school and gives them the confidence they need in social interactions.