Childhood is an incredible time of discovery, where everything and every day is new and exciting. We believe that the key to a successful early education is a combination of nurtured curiosity and guided learning. By cultivating that curiosity we hope to instill the desire to learn and explore in our children.

Our bilingual program is designed to improve cognitive abilities through a second language. Our multi-cultural curriculum teaches respect and appreciation for difference cultures, to better prepare children for the future.

Birch Tree provides a balanced approach to learning, giving a child the chance to develop cognitively, socially, and creatively in an interactive and engaging environment. Our dedicated and encouraging teachers give your child endless opportunity to imagine, learn and grow. We place a strong emphasis on discovery and exploration of everyday wonders such as the impacts of gravity, or budding of a flower. The children deepen their comprehension through projects, academic learning, art, music, and role-play.

Individual and social development is also at the core of our program. We strive to instill self-awareness, generosity, compassion, and self-confidence in every child. Throughout the day children have a chance to practice sharing and team work as they do group projects. Children learn to listen to directions, wait their turn, and politely assert themselves. Together these skills will allow them to make lasting friendships, as well as be successful in school, on the playground, and in life.