Kindergarten Program

Success in learning requires the student to be at the center of the experience and making connections with others. We believe that understanding is more important than memorizing, strategizing is more important than following rote directions, and that enjoying the process of learning is the most important skill we can impart in kindergarten. We give children a chance to continue excelling and exploring beyond a traditional kindergarten experience.  

We know all that children have their own interests and talents and each child learns at his or her own pace. Our challenge, and our mission, is to provide an environment that is constantly challenging each individual child and allowing them to grow. Our math, reading and science curriculum are all chosen because they provide hands-on learning and practical life application in addition to the traditional pen-and-paper practice drills. We expect children to work at the grade level of “kindergarten +”, meaning that we push children beyond their comfort level but also acknowledge that each child will show interest and aptitude in some subjects faster than others. Children are expected to leave Birch Tree with fluency in spoken and written English, a solid understanding of math concepts, and a comprehension of the basic earth, life and physical science and the scientific process.

The current class size is 19 children with 2 full time teachers. For the 2017-2018 school year, we will have a class of 14 children with 1 teacher. 

Our kindergarten program will be conducted in English during the hours of 9 am-3 pm.  Our Russian program will be from 3 pm-6 pm and focus on phonics, reading comprehension, songs and poems and culture.